Electric Shock Football / Bubble MayHEM and GlowSports

We start by turning off the lights. How can you play sports in the dark you ask? That’s where the GlowSports come in. UV lights and fluorescent bibs allow you to dance, dodge and play sport whilst lighting up the room.

The sports played include Dodgeball, Volleyball and Football to name a few. Bring along your own glow in the dark clothing, we encourage all things Neon to glow even brighter!

Face paints are good for glow in dark war masks, but this is one event where wearing black is a no no!

Electric Shock Football / Bubble MayHEM and GlowSports - Enquiries

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Booking Process

  1. Send us an enquiry or call us on 01235 330133 with the date and times that you would like us to host your Electric Shock Football event.
  2. We email you a link to your online event page where you can pay your £50 non refundable deposit to confirm your event.
  3. Final group numbers and balance due three weeks before your event.
  4. Once your balance has been paid we will email you with an electronic event pack containing all the details of your booking.