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You might think Electric Shock Football is more than enough fun on it’s own but there’s more! You can combine your Electric Shock Football or Bubble MayHEM event with other activities to make your own Multi Activity Event. We have put all our activities into packages to give you more games, more choice and most importantly, more fun!

Electric Shock Football

The majority of our activities are hosted at the same venues so are played consecutively one after the other. The timings of your event will depend on your group size and the activities chosen.  Included in your activities are:-

  • Pitch Hire
  • Event Coordinator
  • 10 Bubble Suits
  • Additional Activity Equipment
  • Online Event Webpage

A Electric Shock Football Multi Activity event is perfect for a Stag Do, Team Building, Football Tours or just a Group of Friends. Take a look at the packages below and Enquire today!

Archery Combat

Electric Shock Football/Bubble MayHEM and Archery Combat

Get the adrenaline pumping and your competitive juices flowing with Archery Combat. A hybrid of archery, paintball and dodgeball, this event will be more action-packed than you ever expected. Get ready for the arrows to start flying! Bring out your competitive side by facing off against each other in the Battlezone, using your skill, technique and agility make sure you’re the last man standing! Or simply let loose and have fun with several exciting mini games. Games Played can include Battle Zone, Last Man Standing, Medic, Capture the Flag and More.

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Foot Darts

Electric Shock Football / Bubble MayHEM and Foot Darts

Keep out of the black and in the Red, you get nothing in this game for 2 in a bed!….Another new game to sweep the UK that combines our infatuation with the beautiful game and an old British pub classic! Join us for a fun packed event as we introduce our giant exclusively made inflatable football dart board, even the world’s worst footballers “shouldn’t” miss this board. Games played can include 301, Bullseye Challenge, Black and Red, Around the Board and More.

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Electric Shock Football and Shock Football

Football Shocker

Strap yourselves into your own one man body zorb and split off into teams. Rather than tackle, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents sending them flying end over end in the process. The rules are the same as standard football except you are wearing a protective bubble and barging people to the floor isn’t frowned upon. Afterwards you will have a choice to play Bubble Football games such as Bulldog, Sumo and Last Man Standing.

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Electric Shock Football/Bubble MayHEM and Goggle Football

“Train like a pro, look like an amateur”. The events focus is a game of 5 a side football, but everyone is wearing a pair of our specially designed Visual Impairment Goggles that make the ball either look 5 times further away from you or 5 times closer! It’s fresh air kick after fresh air kick followed by looks of complete and utter bemusement on everyone’s faces! We have a wide variety of games available to keep your group entertained including Circle ‘Rondo’, Keep Ball Session and a Ronaldo-esque Training Routine.

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Electric Shock Football/Bubble MayHEM and Extreme Dodgeball

“Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge”. Everyone enjoyed playing dodgeball as a kid, our Dodgeball event is fast paced and ideal for Stag & Hen, Birthday and groups. You will not only play classic Dodgeball, but we will also incorporate a number of alternative Extreme Dodgeball games into the mix and they can include Wrong Arm Dodgeball, Behind Enemy Lines, Bulldodge, Stag/Hen/Boss Hunt, Captain America and Many More.

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Electric Shock Football / Bubble MayHEM and GlowSports

We start by turning off the lights. How can you play sports in the dark you ask? That’s where the GlowSports come in. UV lights and fluorescent bibs allow you to dance, dodge and play sport whilst lighting up the room. The Sports played include Dodgeball, Touch Rugby, Volleyball and Football. Bring along your own glow in the dark clothing, we encourage all things Neon to glow even brighter! Face paints are good for glow in dark war masks, but this is one event where wearing black is a no no!

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Foot Golf

Electric Shock Football/Bubble MayHEM and Foot Golf

A combination of 2 of the worlds favourite sports, Foot Golf is as awesome as the name suggests. Whether you are playing Foot Golf for the first time or are a veteran of the game the forfeits and challenges will put a completely new spin on your Foot Golf experience. The event includes a Coordinator who will oversee the game from start to finish. With challenges such as Longest Drive and Closest to the pin there will be Alcoholic Prizes for the winners.

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Electric Shock Football

Electric Shock Football/Bubble MayHEM and Electric Shock Football

This superb event will have you all in fits of laughter as you compete in houses against each other in a variety of nostalgic events that can include Tug of War, Space Hopper Race, Sack Race, Three-Legged Race and Skipping Race, Plus Many More Classic Sports Day Games. The event will be run as a team competition in which everyone in the team will go once at the selected race with the first team past the finish line the winner. At the end of all the races the winners will be those who have won the most points for their house.

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Turbo 10 Cricket

Electric Shock Football/Bubble MayHEM and Turbo 10 Cricket

“It’s Cricket but not as you know it”. Turbo 10 Cricket is a new form of cricket aimed at those groups looking at playing a shorter format of the English Classic. With the success of 20/20 in recent years, we created a game that is fast paced and fun, which is perfect for that group looking for an event full of big hits and near misses as each team aims to become Turbo 10 champions! From scoring 20 from one ball, to batting an unlimited amount of times, to playing for forfeits, to playing your joker, the game is perfectly suited to everyone.

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